Alan Intro

After leaving school, becoming a Personal Trainer was a fairly easy decision as I loved playing sport and being active. What caused me to stay a Personal Trainer for the proceeding decade however was a newly found passion for helping people improve their lives through health and fitness.

As someone who had always enjoyed activity, it wasn’t immediately obvious to me what a difference exercise could make to life until I started working as a trainer.  

It didn’t take me very long to realise that what clients really got out of the gym was much more than just changes in body shape and size. The health benefits of getting in shape are endless but it really was the changes in self-esteem and confidence that interested me the most. Knowing that I could make a real difference was really inspiring.

I always tried to make my sessions as interesting and varied as possible but two things that differentiated me in the early days were group PT sessions and challenges.

I discovered that fitness could bring people together and not only did group PT lower the cost of professional help but it made training more fun, social and competitive. I came up with a wide range of different group styles and even created my own fitness grading system to help clients keep pushing themselves further.

Fairly early on I branched out into the world of challenges through a passion for pushing my own fitness boundaries. I thought that giving my clients something to focus on would help make their training more purposeful. I was probably right about that but what I ultimately learnt was that people liked doing challenges together. The whole experience of working together and encouraging each other was truly rewarding for everyone. The love of challenges eventually manifested into a separate company - Challenge Central.

In 2011, I was approached about a management opportunity for the gym within the Letchworth Sport and Tennis club and Letchworth Fitness was born. In the following years, my team helped me transform the empty gym with 150 members to the well equipped gym with nearly 500 members that LF is today.

Personal Training wise, the latter years have seen my attention drift more towards nutrition and resistance training, which is where I have seen the best transformations in body composition from my clients.

With the help of the Personal Training Team, I have combined my learnings into our Training Protocols for the most common goals. Our protocols are 12-week structured programmes combing training, nutrition and supplement advice. The programmes are available as standalone products or as part of the normal Personal Training packages we offer.

I am fortunate to have a great team around me and I am excited about the future as we push to provide the best Personal Training service possible.