Although a gym regular I knew my eating and training routine wasn’t working as well as it should so I joined this new Training Group; I wanted to lose a few Kgs and ‘tone up’. 


Nick designed personal nutrition and training plans focused on my goals, which were easy to follow and of course training in a Group is fun and motivational. I exceeded my goals and was amazed at the transformation just by changing some of the foods I eat and having a focused training format. Nick’s encouragement and direction was the drive I needed to change the way I look and feel about my body shape.

Just had another PT session with Emma. I felt shattered when I arrived but soon threw myself into the training. We are all girls and when we are able to speak we have great conversations and lots of laughs. By the end of the sessions I'm more awake than when I arrive and my body gets pushed more than I would do on my own. I've lifted weights I never thought I could and have got so much stronger. It would be good if more joined our group and anyone can slowly build up their strength.  We were just saying today "remember when we couldn't do hanging knee raises" whilst looking a little silly trying to do pull ups - one day we will be able!

Gyms have always been something you try and fit in and promise yourself you will go to but over the years I have failed to keep a regular regime. Working with my PT Alan has made me not only go to the gym every week but also enjoy working out, the plus side seeing a difference it has had on my body shape.  He keeps me in check and with regular weigh ins so I am much more conscious about my diet which has now become a way of life. I feel better, certainly look better and am the fittest I have been; now taking part in cycle challenges which I never would have completed previously! My highlight was an amazing cycle trip from Bangkok to Phuket organised by Challenge Central - loved every minute of it and Alan and his team looked after us every ‘pedal’ of the way. The gym and his challenges are definitely worth doing… if I can do it coming up to 50 then I’m sure you can…take the challenge!    

I'm a Mum of 4 in my forties and have never felt any need or desire to join a gym, until a few months ago, the thought of which filled me with dread, fear and intimidation.

Once I decided to go for it my next question was do I join for free the gym my brother owns or do I pay to join a gym I would feel less intimidated in. Obviously I went with the second option.

For the past 2 months I've had the pleasure of training with Scott.  He listened to what I wanted to achieve and why. He's used that information brilliantly to motivate and inspire me to achieve my goals.  I can't believe Scott has converted me in to someone that loves going to the gym. I truly look forward to every session with him. He's encouraged me to use equipment and weights that I would never of gone near. With his knowledge, personality and desire to help people achieve their goals he's such an asset to your gym.

Thank you Scott for helping me hopefully become a life long gym member!

Having finished the cricket season with an aching body, bad back and sore knees I decided to get 'fit' in the off season. The aim was to become stronger, toned and increase power. I asked Scott at AMC Training to write me a program and to train me on a weekly basis to reach my goals. Although I dread the sessions (because I know I am going to be pushed hard) I feel amazing afterwards and can see the benefit. I feel stronger, fitter and the aches and pains in the back have gone away. Scott mixes up my program so that I don't get bored and is flexible when I have to change appointments due to work commitments. AMC training really works well for me and I thoroughly recommend them.

"I used to attend as many gym classes as possible and although this helped with my overall fitness, I never saw a change in myself. After starting my PT sessions with Scott at AMC Training, I began to feel stronger, fitter and most importantly I felt a lot more confident in my own skin. Through our structured PT Program, I was able to target areas of my body that I wasn't happy with and wanted to make leaner. The PT sessions are always a lot of fun and I really enjoy going to the gym now! I am extremely impressed with the way my body is changing and impressed by myself at the strength I have developed. I would recommend Scott and AMC PT sessions to anyone looking to make a real positive change to their bodies, achieved by a fantastic PT Program that is tailored to your goals!"

"After finally deciding to get my head around getting fit and to engage the help of a personal trainer, to say I was scared was an understatement, I was petrified!  But I needn’t have been. From the start of meeting Sarah, she put me at ease and did not make me feel like a total numpty, as I felt I would.

With Sarah’s help, guidance, patience and encouragement, not only have I come to love my sessions in the gym, I am seeing results too!  4 kilos lost in 2 months and 6.5 inches all over – yes I am very happy. Sarah has also got me going to her Spinning classes, which I love too. A concept of sitting on a bike-with-no-wheels, I could never have imagined doing previously! I still have a long way to go, but I am keen to carry on and feel so much better than I did before.

Thank you so much Sarah for all of your help, I couldn’t have got this far without you. 

Top Trainer – excellent :)

31st August 2016"

"I started training with Scott just over a year ago and my target was to lose around 20 kilos, I am now well over half way to reaching my target and my fitness has improved 100%.  Scott has been very supportive and understanding when I have to reschedule due to my busy life style running my own business. If you wish to train in a friendly supportive environment I recommend AMC-training, I can honestly say it has been a very positive experience from the start."

"Training with Scott at AMC has been an absolute pleasure - he is always pushing me hard, but the effects on core strength and general fitness are well worth the effort."

"I’ve been training with Nick for over a year, in that time he has changed my eating and drinking habits for the better, Sessions with Nick are always tough and always enjoyable - maybe not always at the time, as sometimes I am working so hard I might call him names that should not be repeated on a public site, but believe me, despite aching in places that I never knew existed before, I feel better than I have in a long time. Even at my age my fitness is improving and with that I generally I have more energy and feel better about myself. I would recommend training with Nick to anyone as he tailors sessions around individual requirements and targets, he explains what the exercises do and answers all my questions relating to my training. And he’s a good bloke."

"We have been training with Sarah since May this year and have noticed a huge change, not only in our bodies but in our lifestyles.

We both work shifts which make it tricky to set exact dates which work from week to week, however are lucky to have somebody who is so flexible.

Additionally, we managed to find a way where we could both be trained at the same time with Sarah, who has tailored our programs to our individual needs.

Sarah also checks in with us between sessions just to see how we are getting on and is always reachable for advice or recipe suggestions.

We are so glad we finally decided to join the gym and get a personal trainer, it has kick started our fitness and changed our lifestyle completely. Knowing that we have regular sessions with Sarah keeps us on track, and we use what she teaches us in our own gym times, whether at our work gym or our local gym. Having Sarah as our PT was just a great added bonus.

Thank you Sarah!"

"My wife Jane and I would never have believed in a hundred years what can be achieved by the programmes you run at your gym.

We both thought that gyms were for the muscle bound string vest brigade but we were totally wrong!

I am 76 years old and still playing Tennis and Golf but have issues with my knee joints and balance.

Our Personal Trainer Scott Balaam took our goals and lifestyle into account and he has proved to be marvellous.

Twice a week he keeps us going and is truly dedicated. He not only sorts an appropriate programme for us both but he informs us about nutrition of which we have taken notice.

We would recommend Scott to anyone. He has a very professional approach and is full of good humour!

In 2 months, I have lost just over a Stone in weight and my wife around 8 lb.

We look forward to each training session and psychologically it also makes you feel great about yourself.

I would certainly recommend anyone who wants to change how they look and feel to give it a go. Try for about 6 weeks do what you are told and just see how you feel!"

"Having reached my 41st birthday and realising I had become overweight and unfit. I spoke to several personal trainers before meeting with Nick, who was the first trainer who seemed to understand what I wanted from a gym program and a PT.

We've been training once a week for 8 months. My body shape has completely changed and I'm now 2 dress sizes smaller!

Nick's got a wicked sense of humour and he's never short of a funny story to get me through my workout. He’s friendly, fun (but firm) approach could help anyone achieve the results they wish for. Everyone needs a Nick in their lives to motivate them and make gym time more fun."

"I have been training with Nick for a year. The original purpose was to strengthen by legs and improve my fitness in preparation for climbing Kilimanjaro.

This target was achieved, but I felt that I had made so much progress that I decided to continue. I am fitter and stronger, my body shape has improved and in particular my back is stronger. We mostly work with weights as I can do the cardio myself but personal training has also helped me to run faster and I am improving my 10K time as well. Not bad for a 63 year old. Thank you Nick"

Having suffered from long term health issues. Along with some back pain from a recent sporting injury, which kept me out of the gym for a very long time, my body had really changed in a way I wasn't happy with. 

Nick was able to tailor-make my workout to;

a) Get me back into a routine in the gym without hurting myself or pushing myself to far and 

b) To get the results I wanted

My main aim was to tone up and increase my fitness. Nick provided me with a weights program which did both. Having battled with illness throughout a lot of my training with Nick, he was always very encouraging and positive, and really did help me to achieve exactly what I was hoping to. 

"I started training with Nick in July 2013 in order to lose some weight for my 25th wedding anniversary. My plan was to train under Nick’s guidance for 3 months and then I would continue my training myself. Over 2 years later I am still training with Nick!

On my journey I have lost the stubborn weight I haven’t been able to shift, whilst running my business and enjoying my lifestyle. Nick’s knowledge, challenging workouts and motivation has really helped me along the way! I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

"Hated Gyms until I started Personal Training. After 10 weeks I have joined as a full member and been given great support given"

"Well I have been training with Scott since February 2015. He really is one if the best trainers out there. He knows how I like to train, things I like to do and things I do not enjoy as much (and still gets me do them regardless ????). I feel stronger, fitter and excited about every training I have got booked with him so roll on the next sesh ??!!"

"After speaking to James, he was able to arrange a routine and work together with our daughter on a one to one basis using stretching exercises created by him along with the use of gym machines. She found the hourly sessions with James very comfortable and enjoyable and he was able to encourage and motivate her. We had 10 sessions with James and after his careful instructions, our daughter was visibly fitter and stronger. The sessions went very well and because she was confident in using the gym machines she is now a gym member and continues working on strengthening her muscles every week.

Despite her condition, thanks to James and due to her continued gym and exercise routine, my daughter is able to walk to school and has now also progressed onto playing 18 holes of golf."

“I have been training regularly with James for over 6 months now. My goal was to increase my fitness and get a leaner, more toned body; which I am well on my way to achieving!

James really listened to everything I wanted to achieve and devised workouts to concentrate on my “problem areas”. Although the workouts are very hard work, James is always so encouraging, which gives me the motivation to get through each exercise.

James’ professionalism coupled with his really fun and “can do” attitude makes him a great trainer to work with. I always look forward to my sessions with him and can’t praise him enough for the work he’s done with me.”

“I am in my 40s and suffered a back injury about 3 years ago which caused me to have to reassess my lifestyle and exercise choices.

I explained the nature of the injury to Scott. We agreed that my training objectives initially would be to strengthen key areas to relieve pressure from the injury site without exacerbating the injured area.

18 months later:

1. I have strong glutes (which also look better!)
2. Equalised strength between the left and right-hand side of my body
3. Good lumbar mobility which is proof that the PT has been working

I describe Scott as a “thoughtful trainer”; by this I mean that he takes to time to think about the individual and devises a “bespoke” programme to suit the individual. I would also add that before meeting Scott, I had found gyms rather 2 dimensional and repetitive, but Scott constantly comes up with inventive….and usually fun… new challenges which maintain my interest.”

“Thanks for your help over the last few weeks Alan, this wouldn’t have happened without you.”

“I have been training with Alan and Michael for 6 months now and my fitness has improved a great deal in that short period. The sessions vary but they have all pushed me further than I would ever do on my own. Their enthusiasm rubs off and I now have a season of triathlon to look forward to that I would never have thought about entering had it not been for them”


"After training with Alan for 5 years he is still constantly coming up with new ideas for new exercises and routines. The team sessions are excellent - we work as a team and the competitive element means we train much harder but its still all fun!"

“I feel extremely focused and energised. Loving every minute of training, could never go back to the way I was pre AMC!”

“Alan is an excellent trainer and motivator. After doing no exercise for years, training with him has changed my life”

“I have been following a programme with Alan for the past few months, and its really helped me lose weight, body fat and inches.. It’s amazing how much a structural programme can work, thanks Alan!”

"I was fortunate enough to get involved with AMC Training in Jan 2009. 10 moths later,  my wife and daughters are involved, I’ve laughed loads, met some great people and managed to lose 2 stone on the way!!"

“I started training with Alan 8 months ago to improve my Golf!! I have since completed 10k’s, a Half Marathon, Climbed 3 Mountains in a day and I am about to compete in a Triathlon. It’s fair to say AMC Training has changed my life. The Golf? Yes that’s improved as well.”

“Alan has helped me to improve my fitness and lose weight. I am a lot fitter and happier and really enjoy my training sessions. I have taken part in a lot of events in the past year and am quite proud of myself , thank you very much Alan :)”

“Working with Alan and amc-training has changed my way of thinking and life forever. A lot of hard work and determination and Alan will get you beyond what you want to achieve. Couldn’t do without him now! Thanks a lot!”

“I started training with Alan about 5 months ago and it was an amazing experience. In just weeks, I felt like a superstar. I felt much fitter and more confident in myself in school and out in public. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Alan, Emma and Mike, for all the help and support”

“Alan’s training has certainly worked for me he is a great motivator and his ideas for different routines keep the sessions interesting.”

“I have trained with Alan for several years now and his training routines become more enjoyable with each session I go to. He knows how to get the most out of your training and believe me when I say you’ll enjoy every minute of it. If you’re looking for results, he is your man! Just check out his web site for before and after pictures. I highly recommend amc-training, so why not give it a try your self.”

 “I’ve been training with Alan weekly for about 3 years. He is a constant motivator, helping me achieve my goals. I am in the best shape I have ever been in and will continue to train with Alan, his sessions are always fun, varied and challenging. I would recommend amc-training to anyone who wants to stay or get in great shape.”

I’ve lost 5 inches off my waist and 2 off my bum! Thanks for all your help so far!"

“If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, train for a specific event or sport or just to feel fit Alan will push you as hard as you need and often harder than you think you can. He manages to do this while keeping things fun and interesting.”

“I used to go to the gym once a month and do the same work out every time, and wonder why I wasn’t getting results. I now go to the gym twice a week and Alan pushes me to the limit every time. I’m stronger and faster than ever before and really look forward to new challenges. I’d thoroughly recommend AMC training.”

I have been training with Alan for two years now and go to him specifically for squash conditioning training. There is no doubt that he works you hard – but that’s what is required! Alan always varies his sessions and really produces results. My reactions, sharpness and agility have significantly improved as a result of our sessions. I can highly recommend Alan for conditioning training – top lad and good fun!”

“Not only does Alan make training down the gym a more varied and enjoyable experience, he also helps you to train harder to achieve greater fitness levels which invoke self confidence and heightened well being.”

“Never met Alan until we competed in China Ironman side by side. During the last 10 km of the marathon run he kept convincing a whole group not to give up and pursue running when all our brains were screaming to walk. I finished running strong till the finish line, thanks in great part to his encouragements. Am not surprised with hindsight to now discover he is a trainer.”

“Alan’s Boot Camp is the hardest workout I have ever had and it is not to be missed. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to exercise or looking for something to push you to work harder Alan manages to challenge everyone in the group. He takes you to the next level and beyond! I became fitter, more toned and had lots more energy. Thank you to Alan for pushing me through the pain, it was worth it!”

“It's great feeling like I now do, and I really have no one else to thank but you guys. I know a lot is down to self-motivation and determination, but without you guys laying down the path, everything else wouldn’t be there. So thank you very much, I really am grateful for the pain you put us through. It really is worth it ha ha”


"Thanks for all your support and encouragement this year and turning my negative moments back into positive ones! A lot to do with my achievements and plans/challenges are down to your efforts, drive and encouragement.”


“When I think back to the start of my training with you, I can’t believe how far I have come from that person to who I am now. You have always encouraged and pushed me and made me gradually believe that I can do things I never thought I could do – or even considered doing and I have done so many new things with your encouragement.

So, thank you very much for your drive, encouragement and inspiration to us all. Here’s to an exciting 2011!”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to send you my personal thanks for what you have helped me achieve this year.

All in all I am healthier and more motivated to keep that way, and that is all down to you guys. I don’t know what you put in the water down at the club or what you do – perhaps it’s simply that succeed or fail you always say the right things to make me believe in my own abilities, that if I look hard enough I’ve always got a little more left in the tank, and to make it seem worth the pain! I enjoy the buzz so much, sometimes I have to remind myself I’m over 50.”


“Joining AMC Training and Challenge Central really has been a life changing experience for me. Through the pain and effort, so much pleasure and the chance to work with a great bunch of inspirational people – a great bunch of friends.”

“Alan has completely inspired me, I hadn’t done any fitness for years and within 18 months of training I completed a half-Ironman. He tailors session to exactly what you want; I came to Alan completely unfit and he maintained the exact right pace; understanding your current fitness level but always working you to the limit with every session. Also if there’s a particular thing you don’t like he will incorporate that; for example I hate running on the treadmill so we worked around that. He is really inventive with his routines, which keeps it interesting, I used to get so bored of doing the same old routines in the gym so it’s great to learn new techniques for keeping fit. Also I have to say the fitness grading system is genius, giving you something to aim towards and a real idea of how your fitness level is progressing.”

“I am writing this whilst sun bathing next to a pool in Marakech. I tell you this because I am in a bikini and even if I do say so myself look great! I have lost 14lbs am toned, fit and healthy. Two years ago I was fat, unfit and unhappy. Alan and his trainers nurtured me through challenges and personal training sessions to be the person I am today. I have achieved more than I ever imagined. I have climbed the Three Peaks, ran two Spartan races, finished a club Triathlon and won medals for 5k and 10k races. Next year I am entering a marathon.

I get my family and friends involved in AMC training. My children, my brother and my nieces have all had sessions with Alan and his team. No matter how old or what level of fitness you are AMC can help you achieve your goals

So as I lay here in glorious sunshine I can really say that I have earned this holiday, but yes it does have a gym and yes Alan made sure I took exercise plans with me!”

“Thanks guys for all your help… especially you Michael… couldn’t have done it without you. Received some lovely compliments recently, and even bought skinny jeans at the weekend!”

"My name is Meelis Prett, 28 and I’m from Estonia. I’ve been watching amc- training for over a year now on youtube mostly. I’m huge fan of amc exercises because they are not just dull, but are quite interesting and fun. Since I’ve been playing squash over 9 years, I can feel that my fitness level has raised thanks to amc routines.”

“Alan is a great motivator. He listens to you and develops bespoke training to suit your goals and abilities.”