Body Balance

Body Balance - Preparation Programme

The Body Balance protocol is a specifically designed program aimed at restoring balance to the body before embarking on a more intense training regimen. It is suitable for individuals who may have muscle imbalances that could be worsened by training without incorporating corrective exercises.

The program emphasises core stabilisation and balance by engaging in exercises in an unstable yet controllable environment. This kind of training promotes the use of core muscles that are not often used in traditional gym exercises.

During balance training, clients must maintain stability and engage individual muscles to prevent other muscles from being used to "cheat" their way through the exercise. This approach leads to greater muscle activation and better overall body balance.

The 6-week protocol is specifically designed to improve core strength, posture, and flexibility, which lays a strong foundation for further goal-specific training. This way, clients can work towards achieving their fitness goals with proper alignment and stability.